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Where to Spend Bitcoin Online


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Bitcoin and Blockchain were created with the intention of changing the way that people store and spend money. Many people use bitcoin for the sole purpose of investing however bitcoin can be used for so much more than that.

How can you begin using Bitcoin?

To get bitcoin you would need to mine. You can earn them, create them or trade them. You will need to set up a bitcoin wallet and to create a bitcoin address that will be public. You can then begin by sending bitcoin to the address that you created to ensure that everything has been set up correctly. You will now be ready to trade with bitcoin, shop, invest or even donate them.

Online stores

Bitcoin can be used for so many fun activities and at many exciting places, from gambling online to investing for your retirement. You can use bitcoin at:

  1. Purse.io – you can literally buy anything you need using Purse.io if you want to spend money at Amazon.
  2. SpendaBit – You can but stuff like t-shirts, glasses and even graphics cards via SpendaBit.
  3. Newegg.com – You can buy a new computer, whether you prefer gaming or want a new ultra HD computer. You can even buy parts for your computer via this online store.
  4. NitrogenSports – You can bet on football using your bitcoin via this site.


Bitcoin is not just for tech-savvy people, but also for the average person who enjoys the good life, and travel. It is able to convert across many currencies which makes it a safe and convenient option for frequent vacationers. You can now purchase flights and make your hotel bookings using bitcoin which makes it easy and user-friendly. The only limitation using bitcoins is with transportation however you can browse through the available options on BTCtrip for places that allow bitcoin transactions. You will also be able to travel using bitcoins with:

  1. CheapAir
  2. Future.travel
  3. MoreStamps
  4. CryptoCribs

Exchange bitcoin to USD online

If you need cash in US dollars you can exchange bitcoin to USD easily and effortlessly using BUY Bank. We will even help you to sell your coins quickly with the most profit. You will have the option of exchanging BTC for cash or making a withdrawal directly into your bank card.

Maybe you want to sell BTC for USD, here’s how:

  1. At our office in Kyiv, you will find a self-help terminal. You should specify the direction of the exchange. In this case, it will be BTC-USD and specify the amount that you want to sell.
  2. You will then be asked to provide your contact number however no other information is necessary.
  3. Our system will give you a unique key and display the address of the wallet where you would need to transfer the bitcoins. You will have the option of scanning the QR code or simply printing the details of your transaction.
  4. A cheque will be issued to ensure that the same coins are not sold again. Most BTC service providers require six confirmations to consider a transaction valid however we only require two.
  5. The system will automatically activate your code which will enable you to receive the money.

It is fairly simple to sell bitcoin however in adherence with current laws, we issue the money in our national currency, Hryvnia. You will find a currency exchange window inside our office where you can exchange your Hryvnia to Dollars.

Sending bitcoin across the world

You can share your love for bitcoin with family and friends who live across the globe. At the same time, this will educate them about bitcoin and how to trade. To make it easier for the bitcoin receiver, you can purchase a Bitcoin hardware cold storage wallet like Trezor and pre-load it with bitcoins.


Imagine supporting your favorite charities using bitcoins, well now you can. Even non-profit charities have many expenses that need to be paid monthly. Bitcoin allows you the opportunity to track where they are going, to give you peace of mind that the money you have invested is being delivered to the right charity organization.


Blockchain is much like the Swiss Bank in that money that you invest using Bitcoin is stored in the blockchain safely, just like the Swiss Bank holds your assets. Bitcoin is accepted in most parts of the world and its value is not dependent on your location.

So much can be done using bitcoin and, in the future, there will be even more companies that will open up to the idea of transacting with bitcoin. The possibilities are endless.

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