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Ways to sell bitcoin online securely and instantly


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People who want to sell their bitcoin for fiat money, have many options available to them. This can be don both online and offline. By now you probably know how you can make money with bitcoin, magic internet money, and digital currency. You can exchange your bitcoins for cash Hryvnia or USD or withdraw to your bank card. BUYBank offers its clients convenient ways to withdraw their BTC.

You can withdraw BTC for cash at our office in Kyiv or online via the website by making a withdrawal to your Visa or Mastercard. You may contact us if you require further assistance or if you do not want to come into our office.

Documents needed to exchange BTC for cash

If you want to exchange BTC with our service, you will be pleased to know that we do not require any documents. Your exchange is personal, and you do not need to present identification.

Which cards do you accept?

With online bitcoin withdrawal using BUYBank services, we accept Visa and MasterCard cards that have been issued by any bank in Ukraine.

Share card data

We understand that handling your financial information is a serious matter and we know that little mistakes will have a great impact. This is why, when you sell your BTC we do not save any of your card details. All the cash transactions are done with high-level security measures in place. PCI DSS level 1. This means that your information is totally protected, and the possible risks are eliminated.

Limits on an exchange amount for BTC

There is a limit on the minimum amount of a bitcoin withdrawal in Hryvnia or USD of UAH 1 000. However, the maximum amount of the transaction is determined by the method of payment that you utilize. If you want to exchange more than the maximum or confirm the limit for your transaction, you can contact our technical support team via live chat.

The rate when selling BTC

Many exchange services require you to wait for three confirmations in the BTC network BUYBank will fix the rate following the second confirmation of inclusion into the block.

Canceling a BTC transaction

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel a bitcoin transaction as it is irreversible. Information on each transaction is included in the blockchain and each block includes the previous ones. Once you receive two confirmations, your transaction is considered completed.

Exchange BTC for dollars

If you would like to exchange your BTC for USD in Kyiv with BUYBank, you need to choose from our many available options what is right for you. Our team is dedicated to working hard at ensuring that you get the most out of your time with us and we try our best to get everything done in excellent time. You will need to fill the form online or at our self-help terminal. If you have questions regarding the steps that need to be taken, please contact BUYBank and our team will gladly assist you further.

What is an automatic exchange?

These operations do not require manual confirmation by a staff member but are rather performed automatically on our system.

Do you need my documents?

As with other transactions at BUYBank, you do not need identification and the exchange is totally private. If you want to exchange using the BUYBank site without registering, you can do so. However, we do offer a bonus program to all members who are registered. This bonus program entitles you to bonus points with every exchange that is done through our systems. You will also be rewarded in points if people transact with us using your referral link. These bonus points can be exchanged for UAH or bitcoin.

The bitcoin address is confusing

The bitcoin address is a way of identifying your specific transaction. It is much like how money is sent to a bank card that cryptocurrency is sent to a bitcoin address. This address is not permanent, it is a method used to identify one transaction.

Lost your receipt?

This is a common occurrence and we will assist you if this happens to you. Let the manager know if this happens to you and he/she will assist you further.

Exchange BTC for UAH

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone is searching for a feasible and simple way of getting exchanges done. Using BUYBank to exchange BTC for Hryvnia is a stress-free and pleasant experience. Contact us for information on how this can be done.

BUYBank is client centered and wishes to deliver the best services, within excellent waiting periods. We will ensure that you and your bitcoins are well-taken care off. The bitcoin industry is prone to fluctuations and this can prove in your favor if you stay on top of the market, and you are aware of the risks that come with it.

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