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Ways to Earn Bitcoin Fast


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Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009 by a person/ organization known as Santoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin allows people to transact on a decentralized platform. There is a huge potential for growth with bitcoins in the future to deliver high ROI. When you own bitcoins, you will become part of the network and will be included in decision making.

One of the main benefits of owning bitcoin is that you will have a faster and simpler way of sending money around the world.

Buy Bitcoin

BUY Bank is the first official service for exchanging bitcoin in Ukraine. You will be able to exchange bitcoin to USD or UAH cash or make a withdrawal to a bank card of any bank. You can buy BTC with card or cash USD or UAH. You will not need a BTC account before you buy bitcoin however you will need a bitcoin wallet in order to store them. They work the same as your bank except with bitcoin, you are responsible for security instead of the banking institution.

Transacting with BTC is pseudonymous because bitcoin transactions are public however, it is almost impossible to see who a particular bitcoin address belongs to.

Work for pay with bitcoin

It is very simple to acquire bitcoin by working for them. You can earn bitcoins with various jobs like engineering, singing, designers and many other professions. If you want to earn bitcoin, you must first identify the sites that give people an opportunity to work for bitcoins.

There are increasingly more and more companies that are starting to accept bitcoins as a valid method of payment. Transactions are cheap, quick and anonymous. Bitcoin uses peer2peer coin which means that the fee is rather small. Before making or receiving any payments you must ensure that both the sender and receiver are on the bitcoin network. Some of the sites that make payments using bitcoins include:

  1. Coinality
  2. Angle.co
  3. XBTFreelancer
  4. r/Jobs4Bitcoin
  5. Earn.com
  6. Bitfortip

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the well-known ways that bloggers, news sites and social media influencers can earn money. Companies provide their unique URL codes and promotional codes so that affiliate marketers can send them out. When someone makes a purchase using the link you posted you will receive payment.

The affiliate rewards are structured differently for each company, but most companies give you a percentage of the total sales made from your link.  Some companies may even give you a set commission for every person that signs up with them using your unique promotional code.

Cash Back

You can also earn bitcoin cashback by purchasing from thousands of websites. Retailers like Nike, Groupon and Best Buy are some of the sites that allow you to earn Ebates. Ebates will send a notification when there are available discounts on a retailer’s website, and you will need to activate the discount. Every three months, you will receive a cheque from Ebates with the total value of your cashback amount.

An exciting way of earning bitcoin via cashback is through Pei where you can unlock cash-back in BTC or USD. You will need to download their app and fill in your bank card details securely using Plaid. Whenever you shop online at a shop listed in Pei, you will receive a cashback into your Pei account.

Another great way of getting cash back is through a company called Lolli where you will have to make a purchase on sites like Sephora and Macys. Each store offers a different cashback rate which can be as much as 9%.


Many people may feel that trading bitcoin is the best way for them to earn bitcoin. There are many ways of trading and each trader has his or her own way of doing so. One of the increasingly popular ways of trading is via leverage trading where users borrow bitcoins to boost their trading. These are known as crypto-backed loans.

Crypto-backed loans are designed like collateral loans because the borrower gives the lender collateral so that they make have access to more crypto funds. Once the loan has been repaid, the borrower gets their crypto back. There are numerous ways of earning bitcoins fast, but it is important to consider the risks of each of them. It is vital to thoroughly understand the method that you have chosen and make every effort to avoid being scammed.

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