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How to withdraw Bitcoin to USD


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Bitcoin transactions aren’t as anonymous as everyone assumes. There are still ways that you can convert you BTC into USD cash while still keeping your identity private. Nowadays there are many Bitcoin ATMs in high traffic areas like bus stations and shopping malls. Everyone in the world is getting familiar with bitcoin and many people are investing in it.

Bitcoin is a good way to grow your money over time and you can easily exchange bitcoin for cash. You can sell bitcoins for cash or sell it on exchanges and have the funds directly deposited into your bank account.

How can BUYBank help you?

BUYBank was the first Ukrainian service for bitcoin exchange to USD in cash or withdrawal to a card of the bank of your choice.

At the time of creating your order, the exchange rate is fixed for 30 minutes to buy and following the second confirmation to sell. You will not need your ID when you trade with us at BUYBank and we do not store your card details. Our systems meet the security requirement of the standard PCI DSS level 1.

What does BUYBank offer?

  1. Automated self-service terminal for cryptocurrency trade
  2. Confirmation within seconds
  3. No Identification is necessary
  4. Ideally situated in Kyiv

How to exchange BTC for USD

If you want to exchange BTC for dollars in Kyiv with BUYBank, you will need to choose the relevant option: cash out in the office or withdraw BTC to the card in a different currency. You will need to fill in the exchange form at the automated terminal in the branch or online via the website.

What are the steps to be taken?

  1. You will need to set the exchange direction to BTC-USD and key in the required amount in USD. Bitcoin to get the current rate.
  2. Leave your contact details and read the service rules online
  3. Scan the QR code or you can print the details and send to bitcoin
  4. Following the second confirmation of your transaction, the system will change the rate and activate the issue code for completing the exchange in the office.

If you have questions for us, you can visit the FAQ and contact us pages for relevant assistance. What is an automated exchange? These automated exchange operations do not require manual confirmation by an operator and can be done automatically.

What is network confirmation?

This is a method used to ensure that the same bitcoin is not transacted again. Once you transfer a coin from your wallet to another person’s, a request will be sent to the bitcoin network and your transaction is added onto a new block in the blockchain.

What documents do you need?

For an exchange with BUYBank, we do not require any documents. The exchange is completely private. You can choose whether you want to register however, we do offer a bonus program to all our registered users. This entitles you to bonus points every time that you exchange with us and whenever people exchange with us using your referral link. You can withdraw bonus points into your account in UAH or Bitcoin.

What is meant by bitcoin address?

A bitcoin address is an identifier that serves as an online address for either sending or receiving bitcoin. You may send cryptocurrency to a bitcoin address just as you would send fiat money to your bank card. A bitcoin address is not constant, it is just a specific code for a particular transaction. The address will consist of a mix of 25-35 Latin numbers and letters. Our software will produce a personal key and thereafter generate the public key using the private key.

What to do if you lose your exchange receipt

You don’t need to worry about this event as we will find your order by acquiring important information from you about your order. You will need to speak with the manager who will take the necessary steps to assist you. Fees are charged depending on the current market situation and the amounts available.

The rate of the order is fixed during the exchange and it includes the payment system commission and will not add any extra fees. You will get your money in the currency that is relevant to your card. Money is transferred to the card within 2 minutes of receiving the second confirmation in the Bitcoin network.

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