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How to buy bitcoin without verification


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Many people are under the impression that buying bitcoin is confusing however this is far from the truth. Below you will read how to buy bitcoin without verification and your ID. Before you begin, you will need a bitcoin wallet since many of the exchanges require you to have one.

BUYBank is the first official Ukrainian service that allows you to buy bitcoin in Kyiv, buy bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard or even for cash. When you exchange with us, we do not require you to have your ID on hand and the exchange is completely private. We assure all our clients that their card information is not stored on our database. We comply with all the necessary security requirements for the standard PCI DSS level 1.

What are the benefits of transacting with us?

Transacting with BUYBank means that you receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to an automated self-service terminal to buy and sell cryptocurrency offline in the BUYBank office
  2. Immediate confirmation when you buy bitcoin
  3. Your identity is private, and you do not need to submit your ID for verification

Do I need to register?

We have left this decision up to you. Members who are registered will get a referral link and have access to a bonus program, thereby earning them points every time they transact. These bonus points can later be converted to Hryvnia or bitcoin, depending on what you prefer, and withdrawn.

What about the exchange rate?

The exchange rate will be fixed for 30 minutes following the time your order is created You will need to wait for a second confirmation if you are wanting to sell.

What if my bitcoin is used again?

It is not possible to reuse bitcoins as bitcoin network confirmation ensures that the same bitcoins are not used again. When transferring bitcoins from your wallet to the wallet of a new owner, the bitcoin network will receive a request to include your transaction in a new block. This forms part of the blockchain. The request will then be legitimized, and the transaction is considered complete following six messages of confirmation. At BUYBank we consider the payment accepted and activate the code to receive the money following the second message of confirmation from our system.

Can I buy bitcoin for cash Hryvnia?

You can buy or sell bitcoin for cash hryvnia by visiting our office in Kyiv and utilizing our automated terminal. If you are selling bitcoin the rate is fixed for a total of 30 minutes, and when you are buying the rate is fixed after your second confirmation message in the Bitcoin network.  You can also by bitcoin with your Visa or Mastercard if you prefer.

Limits for exchanges

When transacting bitcoin, you have a limit starting from 1,000 UAH to buy or sell. The maximum amount that you will be allowed to transact at a time is dependent on the payment method you decide to use. However, if you want to transact an amount over the limit, you should contact the technical support team and we will be willing to assist with a suitable option.

Buying bitcoin without verification

Above, we offered a suitable option for how to buy bitcoin without verification. There are many other options available. You can reach us via the Contact Us page if you have any further questions regarding your exchanges for bitcoin. Alternatively, visit our FAQ pages to find the answers you are searching.

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