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6 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Without Bank Account


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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that has developed and evolved in the last five years, it has been valued at over $1000 for each bitcoin in 2013. Bitcoins are not just a good asset; they can be used to buy products and services at about 100 000 merchants around the world.

Ways to buy bitcoin without needing a bank account

  1. LocalBitcoins – is the worlds most recognized platform for buying bitcoin. They manage the over the counter interchange of local currencies of almost any country in exchange for bitcoins. People who are interested in this service, post adverts on their website where the exchange rate is also stated as well as the method of payment for transacting with bitcoins. Users who are interested will then comment on the advertisement and decide to meet with the seller to exchange BTC for USD or using online methods of payments. The platform connects bitcoin buyers and sellers and also offers one a way to offer feedback so that others may be protected from fraudulent activity. You can check the rating that the seller has received based on their reputation and various people who may have done business with them, to ensure that everything goes well.
  2. Paxful – Paxful lets the user buy bitcoins and sell them to anyone around the world. The site is simple, and users can create their bitcoin wallets, use merchant tools free and build a reputation online. It allows buyers and sellers to connect and uses an escrow service to protect all the transactions that are made. All of the online vendors have been verified which gives the user a guarantee that transactions are legit and there is an incentive offered to people who give new consumers support. Paxful does away with waiting times as it is, and you do not need a deposit.
  3. LibertyX – Liberty X is a BTC teller that is automated and manages the machines that are found in prominent locations such as Unite States campuses like Harvard. They are located in Boston and have recently joined forces with Qpay which is a specialist in transaction processing. It allows users to buy bitcoins through their mobile devices and has stores conveniently located throughout the US. Your first transaction up to $1000 is done so without fees and thereafter a 1% mark up is required from the spot price. However, to sell bitcoin on the platform you will first need to present your personal information.
  4. BitcoinATMs – this is a bitcoin ATM teller machine which enables you to exchange your BTC for cash. Many of these ATMs allow the user to even buy BTC. They are unlike the usual ATM machines because they are linked to the internet. The machine allows the user to insert cash in exchange for BTC. Sometimes the fees can be up to 7%.
  5. Wall of Coins – With this company you can buy and sell bitcoins. It connects consumers and suppliers in an intelligent and safe way. It is fully transparent and is the first to stock resources literally. You will only need to have a telephone number and an email address.
  6. You can make payments using three methods: Bank of America’s Teller Assist, cash deposit via numerous bank divisions and MoneyGram payments. You will need to enter your details and the company will send you a PIN, to enter into the website to authorize your order. You will have 3 hours to make your deposit to the bank account of the supplier. Once a confirmation code is sent back, the coins will be sent to your account automatically.
  7. Mycelium Local Trader – this is a bitcoin wallet for iOS and Android devices. There is a local trader option on the Android version which helps you to connect with local people who are selling their bitcoins. You can choose to meet face to face to complete your purchase or via a payment method that is agreed upon.

Buy bitcoin with cash at BUYBank

If you want a fast way of buying bitcoin, BUYBank is your best option. You can choose Hryvnia or US dollars both are just as convenient. You can buy BTC with Visa and MasterCard online anonymously and in a few simple steps.

How can you buy BTC with a card?

  1. Set the direction of the exchange. You can exchange BTC to USD or UAH to BTC.
  2. Provide your contact number and the address of your bitcoin wallet.
  3. Check your information, go over the rules of service and select Buy
  4. Once the system has received your payment, BUYBank will send you a bitcoin transfer.

You will not need a bitcoin account to transact, only a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoin. They work in a similar manner that your bank does, except you will be responsible for the security of your coins and not the bank.

Bitcoin is easy to buy, spend and invest once you have made an effort to trade

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